Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

Insurance is something that all companies and individuals need and often finding the right policy can be difficult. An umbrella policy does a few different things for the policy holder but namely, it covers a wide range of events and helps protect the assets of the holder. An umbrella policy first and foremost is going to be used as extra liability insurance to help protect the policy holder from major claims and lawsuits.

In the case of an individual holder, it is going to help protect things like your home, your car, and other assets from being taken in the event of major claims against your insurance company. In the case of a company holding this type of insurance, again, it is going to be extra liability insurance and it is going to protect your company in cases of major claims.

This type of insurance is going to provide additional liability coverage above and beyond what a normal policy is going to offer. Your car insurance for instance is going to offer insurance coverage that is in line with the liability for your state. The required liability coverage from your state can vary from $10,000 to $20,000 or more depending on the requirements of your state and your state’s insurance requirements.

These umbrella policies are going to help protect your assets and prevent total financial devastation it the event of a major claim against your insurance. People who may need this are those that own businesses, large homes, a great deal of property, have others to protect in the event of a major claim. This is not a required form of insurance but may be a good idea for those that hold a great deal of assets. For more information contact your local agent.