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Who may benefit from my life insurance?

At some point in life, you may need to purchase life insurance expressly if you have a vast number of resources or a huge family. When doing this, you will need to name a beneficiary who will claim your wealth in case of your covered demise.

Choosing a beneficiary

When choosing a beneficiary, you may be asked to name a backup beneficiary in case the primary beneficiary passes on before you or is unable to claim for specific reasons. If you live in Rome, GA and its environs, you can seek professional advice from Coosa Valley Financial Group who will help you navigate through the process without mistakes that can impact the claim later.


For couples who have no children, the primary breadwinner or provider or both can take out life insurance and name the other spouse as the beneficiary so that the named spouse will have financial support when the other dies.


Single people also have beneficiaries. These could be your aging parents, your child if you have one, or a sibling that may benefit from your life insurance. If your parents signed a student loan for you, the life proceeds could clear off this loan so that your parents are no longer held liable for it.


A couple with children can get the financial security they need for the future of their children through life insurance. The primary breadwinner can name his or her children as the main beneficiaries to provide them with financial stability in the event that he/she passes away. The life benefits can pay school fees, mortgages, or any other financial need.

No one wishes themselves death, but it does happen when we least expect it, and the least we can do is leave our dependents financially stable with life insurance. Call or visit us at Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA for more information on life insurance.