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Are There Home Insurance Policies for Pet-Related Damages?

Owning pets in Rome, GA and the surrounding areas can be both fun and exacerbating. The beautiful weather of the area often inspires pets to get a little wild and damage your home. That’s why we at Coosa Valley Financial Group have to field so many questions about pets and home insurance policies from exasperated pet owners like you.

Pet-Damage Policies Don’t Exist

The unfortunate truth is that policies that cover pet damage don’t exist. Insurance providers consider owning a pet as a privilege and believe that owners take on certain risks when buying cats or dogs. One of those risks is damage to your home. Therefore, they do not pay for that type of damage but will pay if you have liability insurance and they damage another home.

Policies May Cover Injuries

If you have a friend or family member over and your pet bites or scratches them, your homeowner’s liability insurance will cover their health bills. Ironically, they will not cover your personal injuries if the pet bites you. This exclusion is based on the same “pet ownership as a privilege” theory and will limit how much you can get.

Certain Pets May Affect Your Coverage

One frustrating element about pet ownership which you might not be prepared for is how certain pets may affect your home insurance policy. For example, potentially "dangerous" dogs like pit bulls may cause a provider to raise your rates. Not all providers follow these rules, however, so it is important to shop around and find one who is fairer.

So if you are own pets and are worried about your home insurance in Rome, GA, please contact us at Coosa Valley Financial Group. We can provide you with the help you need to find a policy that meets your unique needs in a comprehensive way.