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Why Should Retired People Have Life Insurance?

Residents of Rome, GA are not required to obtain a life insurance policy by law, though many choose to do so as part of their financial portfolio. This is often done after retirement. 

It is often the case that people retire while not yet having paid off all their debts, and they worry about the payments that will be left behind for loved ones. These can include credit card balances and mortgages on homes. 

For the duration of your employment history, it is likely your employer paid for indemnification, and now that you are retired, you must consider whether it’s a good investment. 

Loved ones, like spouses, may also be retired, living on fixed incomes, or have limited means. Some are parents who remain taking care of adult children with disabilities and buy life insurance as a means to provide for them. 

In addition to any existing bills, you may wish to alleviate the need for survivors to pay out of pocket for the expense of burial or estate taxes. Your Coosa Valley Financial Group representative can answer any questions you may have regarding details specific to your coverage. 

Student loan debt is another class of financial obligation that can be paid off with a death benefit, as are medical bills that are left over. Some retirees don’t have an ample nest egg in savings, and life insurance is one way to ensure descendants have a home and some money to live on. 

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