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What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Have you recently purchased a motorcycle and wondered about insurance? The Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA would like to tell you just what motorcycle insurance is.

Motorcycle insurance is simply a type of auto insurance tailored specifically for motorcycles. There are two main categories of motorcycle insurance. One category is a liability, and the other category is physical damage insurance. Sufficient liability insurance is essential in GA because it is a tort state, meaning the driver at fault will be held responsible, which is often very expensive.

Motorcycles, unlike mopeds, are not exempt from mandatory auto insurance. Therefore, whether you own or lease the bike, you will be required to carry two specific types of liability insurance. These insurance policies are bodily injury liability insurance and physical damage liability insurance. They mitigate the expenses incurred when you are at fault for an accident or collision that may have caused someone bodily injury or damaged their property. Motorcyclists are required to carry proof of insurance with them.

A motorcycle can be a valuable asset. There is comprehensive, and collision motorcycle insurance for if you are involved in an accident, and your motorcycle needs repairs (collision), or your motorcycle is stolen or deliberately damaged (comprehensive).

If you are an automobile owner, adding your motorcycle to your standard auto insurance policy or specifying a separate policy is worth considering. 

A motorcycle is a vehicle made to be enjoyed, so if you want to or have purchased a bike, then contact the Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA today! Allow them to help you weigh up your motorcycle insurance options, put your mandatory insurance policies in place, and then you can drive away to enjoy the freedom you deserve!