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4 ways your umbrella insurance can help at home

We live in a litigious society where you can be slapped with a lawsuit anytime. As people stay home, more accidents are likely to happen. Sometimes home insurance policy is never adequate as it comes with limits. What happens when you are faced with a more dangerous situation like a lawsuit? You need umbrella insurance or ‘extra liability’ coverage to help you fix the mess that comes with lawsuits. Coosa Valley Financial Group recommends having umbrella insurance for the following reasons:

1. Protecting you against libel or slander, false arrest or wrongful eviction

If a neighbor or guest was injured in your home and decided to sue you for the injuries, umbrella insurance can help defend you against defamation, malicious prosecution, and false arrest or imprisonment that may result from the incident.

2. To offer liability coverage for dog bites

If your dog happens to bite another person or another dog, umbrella insurance can help pay for medical expenses as well as lost wages and the pain or suffering inflicted on the other person.

3. To help with extra fees on property damage 

Like we mentioned above, home insurance is never adequate to cover for all the losses or damages that could crop up in case of an accident. Home insurance comes with a coverage limit. When this limit is reached, you can always use umbrella insurance to top up the rest. 

4. To help protect an intoxicated party attendee in your home

If you held a party today in your Rome, GA home, and one attendee drank too much that they cause a road accident when going home or becomes a nuisance to your neighborhood, Umbrella insurance can help pay their legal expenses. That is because you will be held accountable for their behavior.

Umbrella insurance can help protect your home and family from unexpected liability costs, including personal and bodily injury protection. To learn more about umbrella insurance, talk to Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA, and our insurance agents can help answer any questions you may have.