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Doesn’t My Landlord Have Insurance? Reason to Have Renters Insurance

Yes, your landlord carries property insurance on the building or house that you live in.  While the building would be protected if there was a fire or severe weather event, it won’t cover the contents of your apartment.  Everything that you own could be lost.  This is where renter’s insurance becomes important.  One catastrophe can have severe financial implications.  In the Rome, GA area, our agents at Coosa Valley Financial Group can provide you with information about renter’s insurance policies to get you covered. 

Many landlords and apartment complexes now require renters to carry renter’s insurance.  The good news is that it is very affordable.  For a low monthly price, there is no reason not to get the coverage you need.  It can also protect items from theft or vandalism.  Some policies may cover damage from broken water heaters or electrical damage.  It’s important to understand what’s covered by the policy and what isn’t.  Policies, for example, won’t cover possessions damaged from flooding or neglect.  You’ll need to create a comprehensive inventory of your possessions.  Doing so makes sure that if items, like your laptop are damaged or stolen while away from home, it’s still covered.  That’s a lot of benefits for the small investment of time. 

At Coosa Valley Financial Group, our agents work with renters throughout Rome, GA.  We want you to understand your policy and secure it for the best price available.  Visit our website for general information then give us a call.  Our agents will answer all of your questions when you come in.  We will guide you through the steps to get you the coverage that meets your needs.  Take the time to protect the things that are important to you.  Come see us today!