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In What Months Are Thieves Most Likely to Target Motorcycles?

It’s not necessary for you to have a Specialty License Plate issued by the Motor Vehicle Division for thieves to notice your bike. A motorcycle is a relatively small target that thieves can spot unless it’s in a garage. We at Coosa Valley Financial Group serve Rome, GA and we offer motorcycle insurance to protect you in the event your bike is stolen. The time of year you ride your bike also makes it more susceptible to theft. 

More Motorcycle Thefts in These Months

According to statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the months of May,  June, July, August and September have the most motorcycle thefts. July and August each had 11 percent of the steals and May, June and September each had 10 percent. Speaking strictly by the numbers, more bikes are stolen in August than in any other month. 

Why This Timing

Possible reasons for this seasonal pattern include moderating weather and more bikers on the road. Thieves may take bikes at night from the parking lot of your apartment or from the driveway of your home. But thefts can happen day or night. 

Why Thieves Like Motorcycles

Bikes are easy to get into a mini-van or truck with a trailer and some have even been whisked off on skateboards by determined thieves. Once stolen, motorcycles are much easier to hide than cars, trucks, and SUVs. After the theft, most of the people involved in the crime have partners who chop up the bike and sell its parts.

Don’t wait for thieves to do what they’re good at before you get motorcycle insurance. We serve people in the Rome, GA area. Contact Coosa Valley Financial Group so we can discuss your insurance needs.