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4 Reasons You Should Get a Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy

If you are looking at your home insurance options prior to moving into a new house, you’ll want to think about getting a comprehensive home insurance policy. This is a type of insurance that not only covers your home itself, but also your belongings, living expenses, and liability. Be sure you talk to an expert insurance agent to get an understanding of what the different policies and extra coverage are before you sign up for it.

Why You Should Get Comprehensive Home Insurance

1. Protection against natural disasters – You can get on a policy that offers you protection against the big risks, such as earthquakes and floods. If you live somewhere that is at a higher likelihood for such natural disasters, it is especially important you have coverage for such damages.

2. Coverage for accidents on your property – If someone is injured through a slip and fall accident or is bitten by your dog, they may have costly medical bills and even lose time at work. If you have comprehensive personal liability insurance, it will protect you from the individual bringing a claim against you. Instead, your insurance should cover their medical bills, lost wages, and any rehabilitative services they may need.

3. Your property may entirely be replaced – There are a guaranteed replacement and straight replacement policies available. Guaranteed means that the replacement cost will be covered entirely, even if it is more than the maximum amount on the policy. The straight replacement policy only covers up to the maximum amount and costs less than guaranteed.

4. Coverage for living expenses – Coverage may be available for living expenses, in the instance of your family having to leave due to severe damages or loss of your home (such as from a fire or flooding). It would cover expenses for staying in a motel or rental unit. However, be aware that there are limits as to what type of living arrangements you can get.

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