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Car Insurance Myths

In order to find the right auto insurance, it’s important that you understand common auto insurance myths in Rome, GA.

Myth 1: You only need the minimum liability insurance required in the state.

Buying only the minimum insurance will mean that you will pay more out of pocket for any losses after an accident and these costs can be expensive. If you have assets to protect, it makes sense to get more than the minimum coverage.

Myth 2: Car insurance covers you if your car is vandalized or stolen.

Auto insurance will only cover your car if you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Check with an agent at Coosa Valley Financial Group to see if your car is worth enough to opt for these coverages.

Myth 3: Personal auto insurance covers business use.

If you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes then your personal auto insurance coverage may not cover you if you get into an accident.

Myth 4: If someone else is driving your car then his or her insurance covers damages.

The auto insurance policy that covers the vehicle is considered the primary insurance. This means that the car owner’s insurance will be responsible for the damages, regardless of who is driving.

Myth 5: Vehicle color helps determine the price of insurance.

The color of the car doesn’t factor into the cost of auto insurance, but other factors do matter. Things such as the make, model, engine size, age of the vehicle, overall safety record, and likelihood of theft play a role in how much insurance costs.

Myth 6: If you get a ticket, your costs go up.

A ticket doesn’t always mean an increased rate. If the ticket was minor then you may not have any increase in your premiums. The type of infraction you are cited for will determine how much your rates will go up.

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