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Is There an Advantage to Short-Term Umbrella Policies?

When you start to bundle multiple insurance policies to make sure you’re completely covered, things can feel a little complicated. Some insurance feels more important only under the right conditions. One way people deal with this is to make some policies temporary. Can that method help ease the cost of umbrella policies? Coosa Valley Financial Group has an answer for you.

Kind Of

Umbrella policies are interesting. You can set up a variety of payment plans, much like other policies. Making an entire umbrella policy short-term is pretty unusual and usually not the best approach. Instead, you want to frequently update your policy. This is especially important when you have temporary factors that might impact your coverage needs. Leaving your home in Rome, GA, for a while and traveling abroad is the most common reason to double check coverage limits.

Another instance that might have you checking your policy is a temporary addition to your home. If grandparents are going to keep their grandkids for a chunk of the summer, they might want those names added to the policy. There are plenty of other circumstances that merit a policy update. It never hurts to chat with your Coosa Valley Financial Group representative to make sure everything looks good.

Not Always

So, instead of making the entire policy short-term, you want to keep it up to date with your needs. This is great for optimizing your insurance costs, and it makes you a savvy customer. The trick is to make sure your fluid approach to coverage doesn’t lead to unintended gaps. That’s all the more reason to involve your agent in the process. They can make sure you stay protected without spending too much for coverage additions you only need temporarily. That gives you more freedom to relax and enjoy your life in Rome, GA.