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Do small businesses need commercial auto insurance?

Whether or not your small business in Rome, GA needs commercial insurance depends on whether or not your business uses any vehicle for business uses.  It can be any kind of a vehicle, from a motorcycle to a sedan to a box truck, but if your company owns vehicles and uses them for work, they will need to be insured under a commercial policy.

It’s not good to find out the hard way after you’ve been in an accident and the insurance company refuses to pay on the claim, that you won’t be covered. At Coosa Valley Financial Group, we work closely with our clients to make sure they understand the terms of their small business insurance policies. 

What If the Employees Own the Vehicles?

Unfortunately, the risk is assessed differently if a vehicle is going to be driven for personal use as opposed to being operated during work. Instead of just assessing the risk for passengers, you need to add into the equation the risk of losing or damaging your product or injuring a client or customer. 

Your personal auto insurance policy will likely exclude work-related accidents. Here are some examples of when commercial auto insurance is a must:

  • You are paid to transport people, whether or not the passengers directly pay you;
  • You transport goods;
  • You have other employees besides yourself drive your personal vehicle to run errands for work; 
  • You haul a trailer or operate a commercial vehicle in your regular operations.

If you are unsure whether you need commercial auto insurance for your small business in Rome, GA, feel free to call Coosa Valley Financial Group today.