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Why Should I Purchase Boat Insurance?

Cool breeze. Warm sun. If you get this, then you must be making memories on the water. Your boat is a great investment since it helps you keep the best memories. With the right insurance coverage, you can easily float on worry-free. But why should you purchase boat insurance?

If you have questions on whether you should purchase boat insurance, then you should contact your local professional like Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA. Unlike autos, which every state requires at least a liability insurance in case of an accident that damages other people’s property, boat insurance is not a necessity in many states.

Reasons You Need to Purchase Boat Insurance


Lawsuits are increasingly becoming part of our culture. Even family and friends can now sue you just about anything. Take an example, you take your friend out and then later you encounter a large wave that ends up slamming your friend down. Unfortunately, our friend hits a hard seat. Even if he says he is OK, later on when he finds out he sustained some injuries, he may sue you thus incurring all the medical bills.

Such lawsuits may include paying for lost time and the suffering endured in the process. In these instances, when you have a boat policy, you will be given an attorney to represent you in court. Additionally, the policy will cater for all the damages awarded to the plaintiff.

Investment Protection

If you lack a boat insurance, you risk losing all your investments whenever an accident occurs. A single strong storm has the ability to sink your boat, or even a fire in a boat close to you can set ablaze your boat. Losing your investments through such catastrophic incidences can be devastating. However, with a boat insurance policy, you will be able to keep your investments.

There are many reasons why anyone in Rome, GA should purchase a boat policy. However, if you need to consult on the matter, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional such as Coosa Valley Financial Group.