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Boat Charter Business and Boat Insurance

When a Rome, GA boat owner charters his boat, he or she is essentially running a service business for customers, even if the boat is owned by the person providing the charter and used as a private vessel at other times. This dual situation starts to blur the lines a bit when the boat insurance used for protection is still a private boat insurance plan. Most consumer insurance policies are not intended for business use. In fact, if it turns out a damage claim is associated with a business, some providers may actually deny the claim when it doesn’t fit the terminology used for private vessel or residence coverage. To avoid this problem outright, a boat owner should really be looking at having a chartering service insurance policy in place. That type of coverage accepts that the boat is being used as a business at the time of risk, and provides appropriate coverage for related issues, including injuries and losses to passengers on board at the time.

The friendly folks at Coosa Valley Financial Group can help tremendously. They have worked with Rome, GA customers and others with similar needs, trying to make sure their charter services are covered correctly. Whether its a river ferry or a day trip motoring vacation business, chartering has its unique needs for coverage that a regular boat policy won’t meet. Coosa Valley Financial Group can help match available plans with what a charter business really needs as well as the size of business it deals with. Give them a call to find out more information and don’t find out about missing coverage the hard way.