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How will commercial insurance protect by Rome business?

In the Rome, GA area, there are a lot of great advantages and benefits that come when open and start your own business. Business owners here that are dedicated and willing to work hard can continue to benefit from the strong local economy and focus on small business support. While there is a lot of opportunities, there are risks as well that could be out of your control. To mitigate these as well as possible, you should get a commercial insurance policy. 

Protects Against Liability Risk

One way your commercial insurance plan will protect you is by giving you protection against liability risk. Businesses in all industries are going to take on liability risk whenever they sell a product or service. There is always a chance you could be found liable for the injuries or illness of a customer. Fortunately, with commercial insurance, you can protect against this risk.

Coverage for Business Assets

Anyone that is trying to protect their business should also carefully consider their business assets. If you invest in commercial insurance, you will get coverage to protect any assets that you have. This could help to ensure that you are covered if you are victimized by theft, vandalism, or another form of damage, which could be enough to keep your company afloat. 

When you do want to protect and invest in your business, getting commercial insurance should be considered a necessity for anyone in the Rome, GA area. If you are looking for a new policy here, you should call the team at Coosa Valley Financial Group. The team at the Coosa Valley Financial Group knows how important it is for you to get a quality insurance policy. They can then help address your questions and concerns and help you build a proper policy. 

Who in Georgia should get a boat insurance policy?

Living in the Rome, GA area can come with a lot of fun and great experiences. This area of the state tends to stay warm for most of the year, which can make it a great place to be during the summer. If you are going to live here, you can enjoy the area even more if you have your own boat. When you do get a boat, you should also get boat insurance. There are several situations when someone here should get boat insurance. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

One situation when someone should get boat insurance in Rome is if they have taken out a loan. Taking out a boat loan is quite common. If you do take out a loan, you should make sure that you fully understand your insurance requirements. Most boat lenders will want you to have a full insurance policy at all times. 

Those Wanting Liability Protection

Those that are going to operate a boat should also be aware of their liability risk. If you cause an accident while using a boat, you will be responsible for damages. With a boat insurance policy, you will receive this protection. This can give you peace of mind while you are out using your boat. 

If you do own a boat in the Rome, GA area, it would be a great idea for you to get a boat insurance policy. When you are in the market for your next insurance policy, you should call the team at the Coosa Valley Financial Group. Picking a boat insurance policy is a big decision and requires a lot of thought and consideration. The team at Coosa Valley Financial Group can help to guide you to ensure you get the right policy for your situation. 

What Homeowner’s Need to Know About Home Insurance

Investments are an important part of life. Protecting those investments is also an important consideration. Of all the investments you will make, your home will most likely be one of the largest financially, and the most important emotionally. Helping you understand how to best protect that investment is our number one priority at Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about homeowner’s insurance.

Protecting What’s Important

Often when people think of homeowner’s insurance they are thinking of an insurance policy that will pay in the event that their home is damaged or lost. However, homeowner’s insurance is really so much more than that. Home insurance is a type of insurance product which not only protects the monetary investment you have put into your home, but it also protects your sense of security. 

Your home is more than just a house. It is the hub of your family’s life. This is where you call home and gather together. This carries with it a tremendous amount of emotional value and your sense of security. Knowing that you will always be able to provide a safe, secure home for your family is really what you are investing in when you purchase home insurance. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance policies can be customized for each families’ circumstances and property, but in general, your home owner’s policy will cover the following areas. 

Property Damage: Property damage coverage is set in place so that if your home is damaged or lost because of a fire, natural disaster, or even a break-in, those losses will be paid for. This makes it possible for families to start over following a disaster. 

Liability: Liability coverage is a crucial part of home protection because it truly protects your financial future. Should someone be injured at your home or on your property, liability coverage will pay for any medical expenses or legal fees which are incurred. Without this coverage, you could be left financially vulnerable following an event of this nature. 

If you would like to learn more about our insurance products, please contact our staff at Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA. 

Is basic auto insurance ever a good choice

Basic auto insurance is what is required by the state. Every state has its own basic insurance amount. In Georgia, basic insurance is liability coverage. Georgia is a 25/50/25 state. What this means is drivers in Georgia must carry $25,000 liability coverage per individual with a total of $50,000 per accident and $25,000 for damage to property. The required insurance protects other drivers and their passengers from you, but what about your vehicle? At Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA we are independent agents and we work for you, not a specific carrier. It allows us to find the right policy at the best price. 

Basic auto insurance protects other people from you. If you have limited assets, don’t own a home, or have savings then that coverage is probably a good choice. It won’t replace your vehicle or repair it so it is right for you if you have a vehicle with very little value. For most other people, basic insurance is a place to start but not where you want to end up. If you have a serious accident where you are at fault, $50,000 in liability isn’t going to provide enough protection given the cost of even one day in the hospital. 

If you need your vehicle to get to your place of employment, to get to appointments, to go to the grocery store then you need to also have insurance that will repair or replace it in the event of an accident or some other damage. What would you do if your car was stolen? If you have collision insurance it will cover your vehicle in an accident and provide a rental car while your vehicle is repaired or replaced. Comprehensive insurance will cover you from theft and other non-collision damage. 

For most people, basic auto insurance isn’t a good choice. If you have questions the staff at Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA has answers. Give us a call or stop by the office for a free quote. 

How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance protects the people who are left behind when someone passes away. It can mean the difference between life going on as normally as possible and not being able to stay in your home. How much money will be needed to do that is not one size fits all. But, there are some questions you can answer which can help you decide how much life insurance will be enough for your family or other beneficiaries to maintain their lifestyle. At Coosa Valley Financial Group Rome, GA we are independent agents who are able to offer you lots of choices when it comes to choosing life insurance. 

In order to know how much life insurance is enough, you need to consider who depends on your income to survive. If you have a spouse and children you will need more than if you have no dependents. Experts suggest having between seven and ten times your annual income in life insurance. If your spouse or partner does not work and your children are young, this may not be enough. When considering what will be enough you need to consider any debts that you may have and this includes a mortgage. 

How much life insurance is enough depends on what you expect your life insurance to do. Will it just pay for your last expenses? This is a different amount than if you need to provide 15 years of financial security for your dependents. Do you want to leave a legacy to your children or grandchildren? Every life insurance need is different and it is likely your life insurance needs will change several times over your lifetime. 

How much life insurance is enough is what Coosa Valley Financial Group Rome, GA is here to help you determine. GIve us a call for an appointment to sit down and discuss this important coverage. 

4 ways your umbrella insurance can help at home

We live in a litigious society where you can be slapped with a lawsuit anytime. As people stay home, more accidents are likely to happen. Sometimes home insurance policy is never adequate as it comes with limits. What happens when you are faced with a more dangerous situation like a lawsuit? You need umbrella insurance or ‘extra liability’ coverage to help you fix the mess that comes with lawsuits. Coosa Valley Financial Group recommends having umbrella insurance for the following reasons:

1. Protecting you against libel or slander, false arrest or wrongful eviction

If a neighbor or guest was injured in your home and decided to sue you for the injuries, umbrella insurance can help defend you against defamation, malicious prosecution, and false arrest or imprisonment that may result from the incident.

2. To offer liability coverage for dog bites

If your dog happens to bite another person or another dog, umbrella insurance can help pay for medical expenses as well as lost wages and the pain or suffering inflicted on the other person.

3. To help with extra fees on property damage 

Like we mentioned above, home insurance is never adequate to cover for all the losses or damages that could crop up in case of an accident. Home insurance comes with a coverage limit. When this limit is reached, you can always use umbrella insurance to top up the rest. 

4. To help protect an intoxicated party attendee in your home

If you held a party today in your Rome, GA home, and one attendee drank too much that they cause a road accident when going home or becomes a nuisance to your neighborhood, Umbrella insurance can help pay their legal expenses. That is because you will be held accountable for their behavior.

Umbrella insurance can help protect your home and family from unexpected liability costs, including personal and bodily injury protection. To learn more about umbrella insurance, talk to Coosa Valley Financial Group in Rome, GA, and our insurance agents can help answer any questions you may have.

3 things you did not know about RV insurance

An RV is more than just a car. It is more of a home on wheels. That makes it susceptible to both home and auto accidents. However, it doesn’t mean that you go shopping for all forms of insurance available in Rome, GA. At Coosa Valley Financial Group, we can help you get good value for your money with proper advice and guidance. If you are an RV owner or are looking to buy one, here are three things that you probably didn’t know about RV insurance.

1. RV insurance is not always a requirement.

RV insurance, unlike auto insurance, is not mandatory in all states including Georgia. However, this highly depends on whether your RV is a motorhome or not and whether it is drivable.  Non-drivable RVs do not require RV insurance, but it is always essential to have a form of insurance to protect your personal belongings.

2. You can control insurance cost factors that come with RV insurance.

Insurance companies use different criteria to determine an RV insurance rate by focusing on various significant factors. Some of these are under your control, while others may not. Factors such as deductibles and coverage limits are factors that you can control. However, you can always compare different insurance quotes to get the best deal.

3. You can combine insurance policies to fit your needs

You can use your RV for very many things like business, traveling, and also for residential purposes. This, however, does not mean you should get three separate insurance policies. You may want to prioritize your needs and budget before approaching an insurance company.

Many RV owners in Rome, GA do not fully understand what RV insurance covers and how to go about picking the correct options. At Coosa Valley Financial Group, we can help you get the most out of your coverage. Feel free to visit or call us, and our insurance agents will be happy to help.

Doesn’t My Landlord Have Insurance? Reason to Have Renters Insurance

Yes, your landlord carries property insurance on the building or house that you live in.  While the building would be protected if there was a fire or severe weather event, it won’t cover the contents of your apartment.  Everything that you own could be lost.  This is where renter’s insurance becomes important.  One catastrophe can have severe financial implications.  In the Rome, GA area, our agents at Coosa Valley Financial Group can provide you with information about renter’s insurance policies to get you covered. 

Many landlords and apartment complexes now require renters to carry renter’s insurance.  The good news is that it is very affordable.  For a low monthly price, there is no reason not to get the coverage you need.  It can also protect items from theft or vandalism.  Some policies may cover damage from broken water heaters or electrical damage.  It’s important to understand what’s covered by the policy and what isn’t.  Policies, for example, won’t cover possessions damaged from flooding or neglect.  You’ll need to create a comprehensive inventory of your possessions.  Doing so makes sure that if items, like your laptop are damaged or stolen while away from home, it’s still covered.  That’s a lot of benefits for the small investment of time. 

At Coosa Valley Financial Group, our agents work with renters throughout Rome, GA.  We want you to understand your policy and secure it for the best price available.  Visit our website for general information then give us a call.  Our agents will answer all of your questions when you come in.  We will guide you through the steps to get you the coverage that meets your needs.  Take the time to protect the things that are important to you.  Come see us today!

3 Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance in Rome, GA

The gorgeous weather in Rome, GA makes for one of the best states to own a motorcycle. The open-air, the sun on your back, the easy parking. There are so many benefits to riding a motorcycle. If you’ve just purchased your first one, you’ll need motorcycle insurance. Or perhaps you’ve bought a new bike and want to upgrade your policy. Either way, the team at Coosa Valley Financial Group can help. Read on to learn about three simple tips to help you get started with the motorcycle insurance buying process.

1. Bundle Your Insurance Quotes

Chances are you already have one or more insurance quotes. If so, you can easily bundle these along with your motorcycle insurance under one carrier to save money on your premiums. This is one of the easiest ways to get a discount on your new motorcycle insurance policy in Rome, GA.

2. Compare Several Quotes

Before deciding on which motorcycle insurance policy to purchase, go over several quotes. You’ll want to look for cost vs. coverage and any other differences. Always keep your needs and budget in mind. In fact, write out a checklist of what you want to be covered and how much you would like to realistically spend.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

In order to fully understand an insurance policy, it helps to work with a reputable agent. These agents can answer all your questions, review quotes with you, find the best carrier to bundle your policies under and find you other discounts you may not be aware of. 

To learn more about purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy, contact the team at Coosa Valley Financial Group today.


Top 5 reasons why life insurance is a must

Life insurance could be one of the most consequential decisions you will ever take in your life. It could be the only barrier shielding your loved ones from financial distress when you are not there. Let us list the top 5 reasons why life insurance is a must.

  1. Protect your Loved Ones

The last thing you want to do is leave your loved ones in financial vulnerability when you are gone. Your dependents could be severely distressed if the income for their livelihood is abruptly removed.

  1. Pay off Debts

The worst kind of financial burden you can leave behind is debt. For example, a mortgage that they cannot afford would leave them in default or foreclosure eventually leaving them homeless.

  1. Leaving an inheritance

Death can come anytime. You could be young and not have enough inheritance to pass on. Life insurance can give you this facility by having some funds available to your family even if they don’t it immediately, they might need it later in life.

  1. Adding more financial security

No money is ever enough money. The more financially secure you leave your family, the more comfortable their life can be.

  1. Peace of Mind

You can live your life with peace of mind and you can die with peace of mind knowing the future of the family is secure.

Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA has agents that will guide you the life insurance policy best suited to your needs. They will also educate you on inclusions, exclusions, limits and other policy specifications. You will be able to make an informed decision. Do not let this important facility go by, get in touch with Coosa Valley Financial Group serving Rome, GA now.